Research & Development as per need of the State


  • To promote applied and basic research in thrust areas in various disciplines of science & technology.
  • To encourage and develop human resources in Science & Technology.
  • To create strong S&T base for conducting advanced scientific research in the state.
  • To undertake R&D projects for developing new technologies and for providing solutions for need based problems.


  • Support R & D Projects in various disciplines of Science & Technology.
  • Young Scientists Scheme

           The research schemes and Young Scientist Schemes are implemented following the guidelines given in the booklet General Information and Guidelines for Award of Research Assistantship & Grant-in-aid Regulations 1988 as amended time to time. Click Here to download the Guidelines.

  • CSTUP Summer Research Fellowship Program

Implications of R&D Projects:

  • Development of new knowledge
  • Development of human resources / scientific manpower
  • Creation of good infrastructure support and strong S&T base for research
  • Publications of research articles in international/national journals and conferences
  • Provide opportunity to young researchers/ students for getting higher degrees like Ph.D./ M.Phil.
  • Engagement in R&D projects  provides the researchers/technical manpower an opportunity for short term earning
  • Outcomes of important research projects are sent to concerned departments / institutions to utilize the results and take desired action for the benefit of the state

Application Procedure:

Applications for R&D Projects, Young Scientists Scheme and CSTUP Summer Research Fellowship Program can be submitted Online through